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30 for 30: Big Shot

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This is the reason I watch the 30 for 30 series.  Some schmo whose worth is measured in thousands instead of millions maneuvered to purchase a hockey team?  And he almost got away with it?  What the hell?

There's a reason that we should be skeptical of the claims of the one percent, their justifications for inequality.  The truth is, not only did this guy almost manage to pull it off, he fooled banks, the old team owners, and even the vaunted New York media for months before it all started to unravel.  He actually owned and ran the team for a while, despite having no real financial capability to speak of.  And he did it all by pretending he belonged, and the good-old-boys club of the upper echelon of first Texas, then New York, welcomed him with open arms.  This is why it's so inexplicable to pretend that these people aren't made by circumstance.

It's a really neat film, and it even gets an interview from Spano himself, who comes across as unapologetic and arrogant, but not that much worse than the other members of sports ownership.

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