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30 for 30: The Dotted Line

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30 for 30 brings on one of the heavy hitters with The Dotted Line in Morgan Spurlock, he of Super Size Me.  Spurlock here takes on the world of sports agents.

It shows that Spurlock has a lot of documentary making under his belt, as this is one of the most polished entries in the 30 for 30 series.  It's particularly interesting in light of the documentary 2 Days in April, which I recently watched and reviewed.  After all, much of the movie follows a young agent as he tries to land potential draftees, and the waiting tensely for the draft numbers to be called is particularly reminiscent of the other film.  Spurlock, however, manages to do that scene much better.  You care about the draftees much more, and for all that the agent never quite is completely sympathetic, you do feel for him regardless.

This documentary doesn't say a whole lot that savvy sports fans don't already know.  The NCAA doesn't adequately police agent relationship and agents are a necessary cog in the sports machines that look out for the well-being of the athlete.  But the way that it is said is a pretty compelling argument.  Spurlock is clearly a talented interviewer, as the personality of all of the interview subjects comes through very well.

This is one of the best 30 for 30 out there, and I would suggest watching it for anybody who likes the series.

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