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30 for 30: No Mas

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The No Mas fight is more infamous than famous.  Why did Roberto Duran, a toe-to-toe slugger and the winner of the last fight, quit?  Was it really the fact that Sugar Ray Robinson was clowning and winning?  Was it really because Duran was out of shape?  Was there foulplay involved?

This documentary is pretty missable.  The big thing around it is getting Sugar Ray and Roberto Duran together to have a talk about the No Mas fight.  It's a cheesy constructed reality TV moment that, predictably, fails to generate anything out of the two boxers beyon what they have spoken about repeatedly every time they've been asked since the fight.  It is interesting to see the two as they are now, Duran in Panama and Sugar Ray in his mansion in some gated suburb, but it's not interesting enough to carry the whole film. 

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