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30 for 30 reviews: House of Steinbrenner

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House of Steinbrenner is the first outright bad movie I've seen in the 30 for 30 series.  It's very clear that the director, Barbara Kopple, is from New York and thinks that it's really unique to like the Yankees a lot.  And then she created a one hour documentary about the Yankees, because everybody likes the Yankees, right?  Blech!

House of Steinbrenner is supposedly about George Steinbrenner and the job he did to reinvent the Yankees as a dominant sports franchise, but it comes across as rampant boosterism.  We get to experience the trauma and heartbreak that the Yankees felt when their last season didn't culminate in a World Series victory.  Poooooor Yankees.  But then we got to experience the redemption when they won a World Series in the first year at their new stadium.  Gosh, aren't they lucky?

Yankees fans are so spoiled, and they seem to have an endless appetite for being told how special they are.  Meanwhile, to most of the rest of baseball, the Yankees are a good example of just what is wrong with baseball, specifically that they are able to outspend everybody else, and win a ton of championships as a result.  Sure, they have some prospects come up through their system, but they are also able to get the number one free agent, year after year, as well as retain all of their current stars.  It'd be easy for any team to win championships under those conditions.

The film is pretty nauseating.  If you're not a Yankees fan, it's intolerably New York-centric, and just not worth the time it takes to watch it.

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