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30 for 30: Unguarded

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This is one of the rare 30 for 30 stories I knew nothing about, probably I have only a passing familiarity with basketball.  This is drugs as seen though sport, specifically viewed in the context of Chris Herren.

Herren is homegrown Boston hero who made good by playing for his local high school, his local college, and eventually even his local pro team, but who lost it all due to drugs.  It's a well-known story, and the documentary feels mostly like a regurgitation of the motivational speeches that Herren now gives professionally.  This is a story that needs to be told, for societal as well as personal growth, but it doesn't necessarily make it a particularly interesting story.  This marks the second time that 30 for 30 has tackled drug use via college basketball, with the first being Without Bias, but neither one is particularly striking.  Perhaps it's time to look elsewhere for inspiration.

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