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Somebody made a movie about Jackie Robinson.  It's got Harrison Ford playing Branch Rickey.  It's okay.

This reminds me of that somewhat inexplicable burst of baseball movies in the 1990s, typified by movies like A League of Their Own, The Babe, and Sandlot.  Like those movies, 42 hearkens back to the golden age of baseball, and uses baseball as a lens to midcentury America.  It's sweet, verging on saccharine, and has a significant amount of "The Way We Were" about it.  It's also clearly supposed to be palatable for both adults and kids, something that, in this movie at least, takes away some of the effectiveness.

There are better civil rights movies, and better baseball movies.  Jackie Robinson was great, but there's better, more nuanced ways to learn his story.  Give this one a miss.

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