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Breaking Bad: Season 1

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I stayed away from Breaking Bad for a long time because it sounded really gimmicky.  I mean, a high school chemistry teacher decides to start making Meth?  It sounded like a stoner comedy, which is just great in small doses, but didn't sound like a good TV show.  How wrong I was...

The show is good.  Very good.  Incredibly, I had buy-in almost immediately.  For most shows, there's an introductory period where I revert to skeptical old farmer mode,  a la "What in th' name of Roy Rogers is this newfangled entratainment?  I reckon I'd rathur just stick to ma old radio tunes."  No, Breaking Bad had me from the first episode.  The characters feel real, if odd, and the problems are real.  It's juuuuust crazy enough to feel realistic, even if it isn't particularly logical that our main character could actually make the transition as it's presented to us.

The show feels like a movie.  The care taken to keep the shots interesting and the camera angles dynamic is truly exceptional in TV.  While I've definitely been on the record gushing about our current golden age of television, it's mostly been related to the significantly improved script writing, as well as the almost otherworldly attention paid to set design and costuming.  Deadwood, A Game of Thrones, and Battlestar Galactica all stand out from that perspective, but this show makes you pay attention to the camera just enough to be interesting, but not so much as to seem pretentious.

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