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Breaking Bad: Season 2

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Season 2 of Breaking Bad mostly continues in the vein of season 1.  It continues to be a well-shot, well-written gift of a series.  It's particularly interesting watching it in such close proximity to The Wire.  While the Wire takes a top-down approach to crime storytelling, talking about the systemic nature, Breaking Bad takes a very micro approach, showing one small set of characters and describing how they build the drug trade.

Season 2 continues our slide toward hating everybody and showing everybody's insecurities.  Hank and Skyler both are getting significantly more developed, and the introduction of Jane to the series also brings in another character to watch making poor choices.

I'm not sure how this series is going to keep going for another three years.  I already feel like I'm in act 4 of a Shakespearean tragedy, with only the very short act 5 left when everybody dies friendless and alone.  It feels like Walter could get picked up tomorrow and the whole series would fold.

This season did make a couple choices which I wasn't thrilled about. but by and large this is still a very, very good series.  It will probably be the best TV I watch this year.

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