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Event review: Mill City Museum

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With my newly-discovered interest in history over the last couple of years of my life, I made it a priority to finally see the Mill City Museum, the closest thing we have to a Minneapolis history museum.

The museum is a great experience. There’s a lot of content there, and it feels fresh and new. The exhibits are well put-together engaging, and even the introductory video to the museum is pretty classy. This place clearly has some major funding behind it.

But, with the money comes a leeetle bit of whitewashing. There’s quite a bit of juuuust a bit too corporate feeling around it. Sure, it’s kind of a novelty to take your picture in front of a gigantic Wheaties box, or eat free baked goods from the Pillsbury “Research Kitchen,” but a lot of it smacks of corporate dollars.

I’m not complaining too hard, though; I don’t need every museum to be made by Howard Zinn or anything.

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