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Game of Thrones: Season 3

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Game of Thrones continues to be the best visual fantasy work since Lord of the Rings.  This season is a bit more spotty than the previous two.  The good source material from the books is sputtering out, after all.  However, the good scenes are getting even better.  

Arya and the Hound in particular have some amazing scenes that develop their characters while presenting some amazing world-building.  They make for a great literary pairing, two atavistic characters that nonetheless are very different in outlook.  Clegane adopts a fuck-'em-all, I'll-get-mine viewpoint, figuring that the world's corruption is out of his hands.  Though Arya also subscribes to a philosophy of my-viewpoint-is-the-right-one, it is because she privileges herself as a true arbiter of moral code in a world gone wrong.  It showcases a great example of two characters, with different motivations, both working together, but for very different reasons.  It's scenes like these, scenes that transcend genre writing, that keep me watching.

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