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Girls: Season 1

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God, I want to like this show.  It's a female-dominated show with real characters who are navigating real problems, yet it feels just exaggerated enough that it is still frequently funny.  In that respect, it's the feminist comedy I'm always clamoring for.

But ay yi yi, I can't watch it, because it affects me too much.  It's that particular kind of train-wreck humor where I empathize with the character, but I can't handle watching them mess up.  It's the same feeling I get watching George Costanza in Seinfeld.  It's a horrible pit-of-my-stomach pain, almost a too-real empathy that makes the show seriously uncomfortable for me.  I watched about half a season, and that's as much as I could handle.

But the writing is great, the show is crisp, and if you don't have weird hangups like me, you should absolutely watch it.  I'll just have to remain a distant admirer.

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