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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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The Potter movies continue apace.  At this point, the series is moving on pure inertia.  Harry has mysteries, Voldemort is evil, how are they ever going to do it.  It's getting old how they are repeating the showdown with Voldemort, and he's doing slightly more evil things every time, but yet Harry and Voldy never quite manage to finish each other off.  It's a lot like a video game end boss progression: "Hi, it's me! I'm the end boss.  It's important for me to show up now so that the narrative is established.  Because all RPG heroes are sociopaths, the way that you interact with everything in this universe is to fight it.  Thus, we must fight now.  Here are the ground rules. 1) I will hold back my full powers and inexplicably not fight to the best of my ability, because you need to level up before you get to the end of the game, and I must still be challenging then.  2) Unlike everything else in this game, you will not kill me, but rather wound me, or be interrupted by Deus ex Machina.  Ready?  Let's begin!"

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