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Hunger Games

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Call me a hopeless revolutionary romantic, but this movie was great.  I loved the tension and explicit corruption of the higher classes, and the viewpoint that there is a serious class discrepancy.  The line is not hard to draw from our current culture to today.

The Hunger Games premise is a bit silly.  Gladitorial combat as a television show, keeping society in check?  Cooperation to the end had never been tried before?  It does get some points as the most literal combination of bread and circuses.

The movie is very well made.  The cast is strong, from Jennifer Lawrence, to Donald Sutherland, to Woody Harrelson.  The dynamic within the games, once you can suspend disbelief, is richly multifaceted, with all those great traits that make Diplomacy a classic game and Survivor the reality show that just won't die.

This is one of the surprises of my year.  I'm looking forward to seeing the next movies.  Maybe I'll even pick up the book.

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