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Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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This movie caused me great personal growth.  It made me go figure out Redbox.

Netflix didn't have it, and Amazon had it available only for purchase, so it was off to watch it from disk like a barbarian.  Redbox was kind of fascinating.  You can see the manipulation of the disks and cases, like those old jukeboxes which used to reward you for your dollar by flashing some holographic silver CD back at you before you got to listen to Real McCoy.  Whee!  There was a slight hiccup when our movie came with an additional piece of paper that was almost certainly used as part of a scam, but Redbox has yet to to drive a truckload of lawyers up to our apartment, so that seems okay.

As for the movie, it's really good.  I love the revolutionary aspect of the movies, and Jennifer Lawrence brings a depth to Katniss which is quite impressive.  The caught-between-two-lovers aspect could have easily been overplayed, but it's handled with subtlety and not magicked away as I was worried it would be.  It's totally worth seeing, and not just for those who have already read the book -- it's a pretty good movie in its own right.  Thought I have misgivings about the last book being split into two movies, I'm definitely eager to see them.

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