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Hunger Games: Catching Fire - The Movie

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What a letdown after the first two movies. Admittedly, the movie has an uphill battle, as the third book is already weaker than the first two books, and the money-grubbing choice to divide it into two parts certainly doesn't help.

Even with those considerations in mind, the movie doesn't come close to its potential. This is a cold, static adaptation of the book, in a way that shows off just how dynamic and appealing the first two were by contrast. There are no transcendent moments like there were in the first two movies, and Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss comes across as bland, which is really saying something for a character and an actress who are both firebrands. There's a lot of artistic talent that's squandered here, from Lawrence to Philip Seymour Hoffman to Julianne Moore. Wasting all of that means that the director got in the way, and there's a lot to think that's the case here. I'm not sure why Francis Lawrence managed to strike out so spectacularly here when he managed to succeed on the second movie, but this movie is not worth seeing. Perhaps the last movie will redeem this one. I sure hope so.

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