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The Imitation Game

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Benedict Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing? Sign me up! This was one of those oh-so-rare movies that I knew I was going to as soon as I heard a rumor about it. I was really bummed when I wasn't able to see it on release day because it was a limited release, but lo and behold, it just so happened that I was moving to L.A. and was able to see it very soon afterwards. It was a nice introduction to the perks of living in the entertainment capital of the world. Even though I ended up writing this review well after the fact, it was

The movie mostly delivers on its promise, though it has a tendency to get a bit maudlin at times, and it leans heavily on the lazy trope of "computer genius solves everything with computer wizardry." Still, the story of Alan Turing is complex, multilayered, and compelling, and it takes more than a bit of sloppy screenwriting to get in the way. The costuming and sets are excellent, and the directing and acting are usually good.

It really hit Tara in a major way. It's germane to our time, both for its take on gay rights, and for its take on the power of computers. Recommended for fans of historical dramas.

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