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League of Denial

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By now, everyone knows about the NFL's shoddy record with concussions and the do-not-look-behind-the-curtain act the NFL has been pulling for quite some time in the face of mounting evidence.  Even my mother, a football skeptic from way back, knows about it.

However, the release of this new documentary on the head injury history of the NFL is still a watershed moment.  This is the first place I've seen to definitively find a smoking gun.  This establishes the pattern of the NFL of actively covering up and suppressing evidence, rather than merely pretending it doesn't exist.  It was the first organization to make strides in this area, and then when the news started getting bad, it was the first to actively try to suppress it.  It's pretty damning.

The documentary is not without its faults.  It's got some excellent reporting, and the movie could stand just fine on the strength of that alone, but it cheapens it a bit by appealing a little bit too desperately to emotion.  But it has a strong case to make, and it makes it well.  Worth a watch if you want to know just what all this head injury stuff is all about.  And hey, it's free online as of the time I'm writing this.

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