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The Lego Movie

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The Lego Movie is better than it has any right to be.  I'm not surprised that the built items are cool, but I was surprised that the animation was so slick, the voice acting high-quality, and above all, the writing tight without being overbearing.  Even the soundtrack was ridiculously catchy and perfect.  I'm a notorious grouch when it comes to kids movies, but this really charmed me.  

What's most impressive about it is how it manages to tiptoe a line that is downright subversive to the brand.  The main point of the movie is that it's actually better to build things with extreme creativity, and not follow the boxed sets.  This is, of course, counter to the way that most people purchase Legos, which is to buy those boxed sets, put them together once or twice, and then leave them alone.  It takes the truly dedicated Lego fanatic to buy pieces individually after following their own blueprint, though it is possible.  And because the message is counter to their own sales, what could be a crass cash grab really does feel earnest in its desire to foster creativity.

Kudos, Lego Movie.  You're the best, most polished corporate movie that's still subversive that I've seen in years.  And for that, I love you.

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