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The Master

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Paul Thomas Anderson is an auteur who seems hell-bent on making boring, pointless movies.  Just as with There Will Be Blood, this is a great work of craft -- incredible acting and great directing.  But also, as with There Will Be Blood, it did nothing for me.  I kept wondering why the movie existed.  This wasn't a particularly interesting story, the script was nothing special, and there is a overwrought symbolism that confuses the point of the movie more than it clarifies it.  Is this really nothing more than story of Freudian longing?  Or a look at Scientology?

The real reason to watch this movie is Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix.  Both of them take characters that could be cartoonish and give them a depth which is well beyond what the script has cause for.

Maybe Paul Thomas Anderson will get back to making films like his earlier career.  I can only hope that we'll see another Boogie Nights out of him.  I'd even settle for a Magnolia.

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