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Portlandia: Season 1

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Portlandia is good because it hits too close to home.  The urban youth, in all its hipster-y glory, is presented with a fine satirical eye.  From the hipster biker who decries lofts, to the oddyssey of finding the local farm who sustainably raises chickens, to the competitive literary magazine charade, there's poke after poke about the lifestyle I choose to live.  Still, the commentary is done in a way that is gently mocking, but mostly loving.  It helps that I've already acknowledged the hipster tendencies I have in all their self-conflictedness, and come to terms with them.

It's impossible for me to judge the series in isolation, without the knowledge that it's me they're hoping will watch and whom they're making fun of, but I think it's funny.  My friend Ben watched a couple episodes with me, and he doesn't fit into the hipster stereotype nearly as closely, but he was definitely laughing at some points.  I would suggest this to anybody, but I would highly recommend it to almost all of my friends, especially those who live the urban lifestyle.

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