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Review: Opening a box of 1992 Fleer Baseball Cards.

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Target had a box for $10. It was worth the $10, but not for any kind of monetary gain.  (For readers who may be laboring under mistaken assumptions: any card after 1985 is almost certainly worthless.) I figured it’d give me a nice big shot of nostalgia, and it definitely did that.

Even rose-colored glasses can’t help this set very much, though. First of all, the graphic design is atrocious. Who had the bright idea to make the main color of every card an artificial metallic green? Were we going for a verdigris look here? The color inevitably clashes with any team colors or natural colors in the photo. And cards are miscut all over the place. My box has many cards that are cut too-small or two large on one dimension or another. Finally, the sets that are not individual cards are very dumb features that pose one or more atheletes from different teams together for who knows what reason. There’s one card of Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, and two no-name Orioles who are grouped together because... they all went to Auburn. Um, what?

But I will say, I did get to see a satisfying number of very large glasses and pushbroom mustaches. Who said that stuff went out with the 1980s?

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