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Silicon Valley Season 1

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Like Tara said, "There needs to be more of that show as of yesterday."

Mike Judge has hit on another instant classic.  Though I'm not fully in Silicon Valley culture, my job as a web developer is definitely adjacent to it, and I certainly am affected by it.  This show is incredible.  It's the best comedy I've seen since Flight of the Conchords.  Just as Judge has done many times previously, he's hit a perfect-pitch satire, and this time the target is something that is very relevant to me.  The cast and script are also great.

Unless this series fails miserably in Season 2 or 3, this is going to be the definition of 2010 tech culture the way that Office Space is the defining satire of 1990s tech culture.  I know that sounds overblown, but I can't praise this show highly enough.  If you can get some HBO, go see it.

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