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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1

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This was a blast from the past.  Somewhere around middle school, I discovered Star Trek: TNG on syndication, airing at 9:00 every night.  I recorded or watched every episode until it looped back around to the episode I had begun on.  For a while, I was a bona fide trekkie, and loved it earnestly and without guile.

Fastforward to college, where I hear a bit more guarded criticism of the series, and actually watch a handful of episodes.  They have not all aged well.  There's hokiness where I didn't notice it, overacting, and just so little perspective.  I see a bit more of the "Aesop in space" criticism.

And now I'm rediscovering it once again.  I've barrelled through the first season, despite the fact that it is frequently cheesy and overacted.  The show is supposed to get better as it ages, and I hope so.  The first season is inconsistent.  Though episodes like the one introducing Picard as Dixon Hill or the one with Data's long lost brother Lore are great episodes, there are others that brutally bad, such as when Tasha Yar dies for no discernable reason, or the planet with the insultingly simplistic gender roles that is so gaga for gender equality that it actually espouses bad gender politics.

Enjoyable series, turning out to be a pleasant surprise on rewatching.

Oh, and I'm already bored of Troi and Riker, both individually and as a couple.

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