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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 3

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This is the season where the series really starts to hit its stride.  The first season is mostly bad, the second season has good episodes but is still pretty hit-or-miss, but by the end of the third season, even the bad episodes are alright.

The acting is better as well.  More of the crew are starting to come into their own, and the show isn't leaning quite so hard on Picard or Data to carry the episodes.  Some of this is variety, such as the addition of Guinan, but characters like Worf and Crusher are starting to seem a bit more real.

The hegemonic nature of the Federation continues to fascinate me.  The extreme autocracy and authoritarianism just seems so... unamerican.  It does jive with the technocratic end goal that geeks love to espouse, but I am somewhat surprised that the show was seen as realistic at all.  For all that the Federation is supposed to be humanity's better nature, it's amazing that individual freedom is so deemphasized.

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