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Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, #13; Memory of Light, #2)

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There's no question now, after this second book, that Brandon Sanderson has fully taken Robert Jordan's style and done what Jordan himself was having great trouble doing: progressing the story, and yes, even wrapping it up. And this climax is fulfilling all the promise that the series has had during its best moments. Finally, we get the denouement that we've been waiting for. Characters are finally coming into their own, and showing real growth rather than the stale stubbornness that was becoming the hallmark of Jordan's last releases.

It's difficult to write in enough depth about this book to make a good review, because so many of the elements that make this book good are inherently spoilers. I wish I could write all about the major events, and use them as examples to develop a point, but it is, alas, not possible while also leaving the book available for others to discover. Rest assured, however, that I can, once again, heartily recommend Robert Jordan's series without reservations. I no longer have to explain the awkward tailing off of the quality of the series, or the interminability of the later books, or the ever-expanding, wandering plot. These books have saved the series from irrelevance, and have solidified these books, once again, as the sole, unquestioned best epic fantasy series available.

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