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Trail of the Pink Panther

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The last film in the Pink Panther box set that I have?  Was it The Return of the Pink Panther, the second one with Peter Sellers?  No, that one is stuck in licensing hell, so the last one was The Trail of the Pink Panther, a shameful cash-in that was produced using excess footage from the prior Pink Panther movies.  You know, the one that Peter Sellers died before filming, so they decided to issue a movie clip-show from his old, lightly used footage.

And yes, that footage is lightly used, not unused.  Many of the shots in this movie were already present in the other films.  As a result, this is extremely hackneyed, and it's filled with other actors pretending to be on the search for Clouseau.  Of course, as Sellers is dead, they couldn't possibly find him.  Perhaps the effort was to make a great eulogy for Sellers, but it comes across as a shallow cash grab instead.  I can't imagine how this must have been received in theaters.  I would be sorely tempted to walk out and demand my money back.

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