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Two Days in April

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The NFL draft is an orgiastic media frenzy.  We get Mel Kiper hyperanalyzing every selection, with day-by-day draft boards, and media making speculations based sometimes on nothing more concrete than other media speculations.  The NFL feeds into this by extending the draft out to two days.  Largely lost in this is the actual players.  This is a meat market, where players are measured, graded, and ranked.  It's the pinnacle of the NFL season's emphasis on quantification over humanity.

Two Days in April is not the first item of media to point this out, but it is one of the starkest, and most in-depth looks at it.  The idea behind the film is quite simple: Follow four draft prospects during their preparations and through draft day.  Think Hoop Dreams for the NFL draft and you'll have a pretty good idea.

The movie's most effective statement is one of basic humanity, where players are real people with real hopes.  The NFL draft is engineered to take these people, chew them up, and spit them out.  If you have a draft-following friend who is getting on your nerves with platitudes, this is a good wake-up call.

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