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What Netflix has done for my TV consumption

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This is going to sound like an advertisement, and I really hate being a whore for large corporations, but sometimes what I get is so good, that I can't help myself.

Netflix is an amazing service.  It was a good service back when they used to deliver DVDs to your door whenever you finished the last one.  But now that they've added the instant watch service, I've become a shameless convert.  Sure, not everything is on instant watch, but a lot of it is.  I'm on the one DVD plan with instant watch, and the simple fact that I can have easy access to something that I want to watch, when I want to watch it, without having to leave my house is a fascinating thing.

But Netflix really changed my life by teaching me that TV doesn't suck.  Oh, sure, most of it still sucks, and sucks hard.  But Netflix got me watching television series as serials.  I know that some people experienced this with their DVRs, but for me with my ancient TV, my revolution came with instant watch of series on Netflix.  And now, I don't have to buy a series on DVD to watch it, and I am able to be very selective to see it.  I even get to see series that I missed.  In short, TV no longer is bound to the horror that is channel surfing.

So, Netflix, besides being a great way to watch a lot of good movies, also opened up a whole to medium to me.  And for that, I salute it.  I'm not going to cancel my subscription anytime soon.