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In a World

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You know what I love about the Lagoon Theater?  I can up and decide to see a movie, look what's playing, and pick one.  Usually, like in this case, I'm pleased with the result.  There's self-parody all over this situation. Your local neighborhood hipster (that's me) goes to see an indie movie at an arthouse theater and discover a gem that nobody knows about. That's one way to read the situation.  And I'm sure some of the charm was in the low expectations I had for the movie, so that anything better than average was a pleasant surprise.  But...

This is a pretty good movie.  Lake Bell, a comedian and actress who has been in a bunch of movies I haven't seen, wrote, directed, and stars in this movie.  Her character, Carol Solomon, has gone into the family industry, which in true indie movie quirkiness, is voice acting.  Her father is the biggest name in the voice acting industry, and casts a shadow that Carol has never really managed to break out of.  Then, big news hits the hollywood echo chamber: somebody is bringing back the phrase "In a world..."  The phrase was popularized in movie trailers by Don LaFontaine, who used it so effectively and so much that it is almost a parody of itself, and nobody has brought it back since his death.  (This part is actually true in the real world as well.)  And, through some quirks, there ends up being a competition between father and daughter for the role.

The movie runs on a talented cast, really tight writing, and an oh-so-refreshingly female perspective.  This isn't a feminism movie in that it's parroting The Second Sex at the audience, but rather that it has a fairly even balance of male and female characters, and the female characters are given just as much screentime and lines and action as the male characters.  It's a perfect example that showcases women as real people doing real things.  It's a step on evening the movie world out, so that hopefully all movies will be like this, and this won't have to be identified as a feminist film in 20 years.  Hey, we can hope, right?

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