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Zeitgeist: The Movie

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I had this movie recommended by a friend, one whom I will have to have a capital T Talk with now that I've followed up on his recommendation.

This movie doesn't really deserve a full review, but I'll jot down the basics anyway, to keep anybody else from making the same mistake.  This is almost entirely conspiracy theory bullshit, the same type of stuff that causes people to believe in Lizardmen, think that Obama is a muslim, or that the Illuminati run the world.

It's told in three parts.  Part 1 is an inflammatory dissection of Christianity, pointing out the widespread adoption of Christian symbols from non-Christian predecessors.  Some of the claims are true.  More of them may be accurate, though not provable definitively, as the historical record is scant once we go that far back.  Many others are clearly made up from whole cloth.  Cultures and religions steal ideas.  This is not news, and though the movie presents a pretty good dissection of the historical imagery of Christianity, it whiffs on several other topics, notably the assertion that Jesus Christ of Nazareth historically didn't exist.

Part II and III, though, are really off the deep end.  Part II tells us why 9/11 was an inside job, and Part III tells us why, tying it in with the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident for good measure.  It turns it was all a conspiracy!  By big banks!

Look, big banks are terrible.  They have done a hell of a lot to disenfranchise the American populace, deceive them, and get rich as a result.  But there are real, verifiable ways that they have screwed us.  We don't need to make shit up to discredit them.  Let's focus on what we can prove, because this films like this take away the validity of the real complaints.

I am insulted by this film's existence.

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